Justin Howe is a freelance cinematographer, editor, colorist and musician. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and completed his undergraduate studies in film production and jazz studies at Loyola University Chicago, where his freelance career began.

Justin has worked with an array of production companies after completing his studies in film; including Shot Time Productions, Magnanimous Media, We Fly Coach, Big Ol Chompers Productions, Center of the Mind Productions, Monolith Fiji Productions and thoroughly with Big Red Bike Media.

As Director of Photography for narrative works, Justin has worked on three feature length films - Call Me Brother (2018), Mercy's Girl (2018) & We Could Happen (2016) - as well as numerous short films and TV pilots. 

In addition to the camera department, Justin works thoroughly as lead editor and digital colorist on an array of projects.

Justin is also a multi-instrumentalist who focuses on jazz performance and writing. He was a long time member of the Chicago-based doom funk group Gramps The Vamp.

He is currently available for hire in the Los Angeles area.

Justin Howe