Second Chances

Year: 2017
Length: Short
Genre: Thriller
Directed by Portia Chellelynn
Portia Chellelynn Films
LC Films
Faux Pas Films
Days of the Dead Festival 2018 - Official Selection

Second Chances: New Beginnings – 2017 – Director of Photography

Britt (Shellilynn) and Arely (Portia Chellelynn) are a close mother and daughter, sharing a dark past that has haunted them since Arely’s childhood. The pair set out to find their second chance at happiness, hunting for that perfect guy to enter their life. Upon finding Trevor (Paul Kincaid), things start looking up. Until what seems like the perfect marriage soon turns into a living nightmare where the women become the hunted. As the darkest, most despicably violent and harrowing depths of their past are forced to come to light, Britt and Arely are in for the fight of their life. All they ever wanted was a father and husband to call their own.